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Nov 19

Simple Laws

Another interesting day in Yellowknife. We started back at the Tree of Peace with a workshop that included many of the service workers from a couple of agencies. Next we did a session with the High school students at Sir John Franklin High school. Topic of the day there was marijuana. As always its...

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Nov 18

National Addictions Awareness Week

It is National Addiction Awareness Week. This is an opportunity to better understand substance abuse and addiction. Thanks to The Tree of Peace Centre for bring us to Yellowknife, NWT to try and help people better understand the nature of the problem that so many people deal with. As with many things...

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Nov 18

Yellowknife Day 1

We had a great session at Tree of Peace Freiendship Centre this morning.  Sadie did a great job of telling her story and of course the spider video was a hit.   Several kids came up and asked some very good questions about how to change things for themselves. The 200 + kids and assorted...

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Nov 17

Dirty Laundry

Thank you to Rob Ford Watching Rob Ford has become a bit of a national pastime. We did the same thing a couple of years ago with Charlie Sheen and a few years ago with Ralph Kline. What we are doing is looking at addiction (substance use disorder if you prefer that term). Unfortunately many are...

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Oct 28

RX Drug Abuse

I have written about this before and it is still a problem in our area as much as it is in Ontario or anywhere else. Teen's opioid addiction 'descent into hell' for Ottawa mom 'I am so terrified for his future' mother says of 18-year-old son CBC News Posted: Oct 28, 2013  An Ottawa mother said...

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Oct 16

ADHD and Drug Use

ADHD symptoms are often caused by drug use and very often these symptoms are treated with ADHD medications. Unfortunately these medications are not very effective when taken by someone who is using mood modifying drugs. On the other hand many teens feel that marijuana is “treatment” for...

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Oct 01

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Drug 'Molly' is taking a party toll in the United States  Ecstasy pills, which are supposed to contain MDMA as their main chemical, are pictured in this undated handout photo courtesy of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). REUTERS-U.S. DEA-Handout via Reuters By Victoria Cavaliere...

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Sep 30

More on the Brain

COCAINE REWIRES THE BRAIN AFTER JUST ONE USE Posted on September 24, 2013 by Daniel G. Amen, MD A new study from UC San Francisco’s Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center uncovers why humans might become addicted to cocaine after just one use. Scientists found that cocaine exposure triggered...

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Sep 23


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Sep 13

What you don't know....???

The Canadian Centre On Substance Abuse released a very interesting report on what Canadian youth think anout marijuana.  With all the hype about legalization/decriminalization this points out the incredible need to better educate our kids ... and everybody else.. check this out.

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