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Feb 10

Smoking Dope and Driving

Smoking marijuana a couple of hours before you drive almost doubles your chances of having a serious car crash, according to Canadian researchers. The study, led by Associate Professor Mark Asbridge from Dalhousie University, is the first to review data about drivers who had been treated for serious...

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Jan 13

Pill Deaths

Ecstasy or “E” is often referred to by kids as “pills”. I think they do this because it sounds less harmful. This is a dangerous drug and it seems to be on a bit of a resurgence. There have been several deaths associated with this drug in the past few weeks. The people who...

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Dec 21

What We Think

What we think. We need to pay more attention to the thinking around marijuana use and particularly the use by teens. What we think determines how we feel and act. So we need to really pay attention to whether or not what we are thinking is true. If we really like something that makes it difficult...

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Dec 18

Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open It is very easy to think that whatever is going on with your teen is just “teen” stuff. If we are not careful we will often pass off changes as being just “growing up” or “experimenting” or “teen angst”. We can also really get caught by...

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Nov 22

Most Girls Drink to Fit In

Alcohol is still the number 1 problem drug, because society has a high degree of acceptance for alcohol use we often don’t see it “as bad”. ‘Most girls drink to fit in’ By Ann Dowsett Johnston Sun Nov 20th. It’s tea time at Tim Horton’s,...

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Nov 19


Thanks to the Community Of Hay River and to the K'atl'odeeche First Nation for being such great hosts for our visit there. You are doing some interesting and innovative work to try and improve the health and wellness of everyone in the community and especially the youth. We know that substance problems...

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Nov 18

South Mackenzie Correctional Centre

Don't be discouraged. It's often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock. Author Unknown We spent the afternoon at The South Mackenzie Correctional Centre. They let us out after too, which was a good thing. About 95% of people in detention are there because of situations that happened surrounding...

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Nov 17

Community Issues

More interesting stuff today. We spent the morning at the Hay River Community Counselling Centre talking with the counsellors about what they are doing and what they could add to their community to make things better. Like most agencies they are dealing with more people than they have the resources...

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Nov 16

Healing Place "Nats Ejee K'eh"

Hay River Day 2 This community is beautiful, inside and outside. I always feel incredibly fortunate to be able to meet the dedicated and caring people who are working to try and help people pull away from or avoid the ravages of substance abuse and addiction. The photo I posted with this is the entrance...

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Nov 16

Trying to make a difference/

More From Hayley "You helped me decide I am going to quit drugs." These are the words a young girl told me today. Words that warmed my heart and reminded me why I share my story. After awhile, hearing myself talk and sharing the same things over and over each day gets boring and I begin to feel like...

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