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Jul 12

Transitioning Out Of Treatment

Transitioning Out of Treatment  To many newly sober people the prospect of leaving treatment results in a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand they are eager to get out, as spending weeks or months in the same environment can become tiresome and boring, but on the other hand the idea of leaving...

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Jun 29

Sober Summer Fun

Sober Summer Fun   The last final is almost over and with one more pencil stroke you bubble in that answer, hand in your test, and walk through the double doors to freedom. The sunshine of summer greets you as you head off to 2 months of no homework and no waking up early. Infinite possibilities...

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Apr 29

The Elderly and Addiction

Thanks to Roseanne Lockinger for the guest post article.   Most people understand that addiction doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, rich or poor, how much education you have or whether or not you are a parent, anyone can struggle with this...

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Oct 26

ADHD and other stuff

I came across this article and thought it was worth sharing.  Many of the teens I work with speak of their drug use "helping" how they are feeling/functioning. The drug use doesn't really help but the kids ability to identify that something is wrong is very important. Please check the article below. Also,...

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May 12

More on Synthetic Marijuana

I have written about this before and these products have shown up in Toronto and Manitoba, we have had occasional report here, but it will likely increase.  The interesting thing is that instead of really being concerned about the increasing attempts to find intoxicants many people will use this...

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Apr 19


Therapy As soon as we think we know something we start believing it, we think we know it. That approach tends to close our minds and that starts to change our behavior. Getting better is about picking apart our thinking and fixing what needs fixing. Please take the time to read this excerpt from...

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Jan 11

"Safe" Use ??

I have included a link to a very interesting article. It includes the reference of being OK with a certain amount of lead paint in our children's cribs. I have said many times that we need to check our thinking "Is what you are thinking true?" Marijuana (more explicitly THC) is a drug, plain and simple,...

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Jul 27

Tips for Parents

The picture above shows what doesnt work. I have said for a lonf time that teens with drug or alcohol issues don't have hearing problems.... yelling at them won't help.  In fact is usually makes things worse.   As parents we need to learn how to listen. Here are some tips from Dr. Daniel...

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Nov 19

Brick walls

It is always interesting to listen to people’s comments and attitudes about communities. Some people think their community has more problems than others. Other people figure it's always worse somewhere else. In “The Last Lecture” Randy Pausch said “The brick walls are there...

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Nov 19

Simple Laws

Another interesting day in Yellowknife. We started back at the Tree of Peace with a workshop that included many of the service workers from a couple of agencies. Next we did a session with the High school students at Sir John Franklin High school. Topic of the day there was marijuana. As always its...

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