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Jun 17

I didn't know that!!

Fort Albany Day 2

Started the day with a walk, the video I posted it a good example of what it is like here. Fort Albany in essentially on the delta of the Albany River.There is lots of marsh and lots of bush and lots of quiet.

Our first presentation was at the Health Centre and was on the effects of alcohol, particularly on alcohol abuse. Typically people have a hard time recognizing alcohol problems. Most people get stuck on the idea that you have to be drinking, every day, drinking in the morning and losing a lot of important things in your life.

It is much simpler than that, if your drinking is causing problems in any part of your life then it is a problem.

We spent the afternoon at the school, taking with the grade 5 and 6 class and then the grade 7 and 8 group. I heard lots of “I didn’t know that” and a couple of kids came up after and said they felt like that had some marijuana related problems that they would like to do something about.

An ounce of prevention…

Tonight we had a workshop with parents on developing better communication with their kids and I was able to work in a bit about healing families, enabling and also codependency.


Lots to talk about.

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