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Mar 05

Thoughts on Charlie

We all seem to get enthralled with the troubles of movie stars and rock and roll idols, particularly when it comes to substance problems. It might be that we like to see the rich and famous crash but more often I beleive it is because we realize that they are just like us, not perfect.

His dad, like all dads, made an excellent comment, one that we can all learn from.

"Martin Sheen, the American actor and father of troubled star Charlie Sheen, says his son's addiction is a form of cancer, reports Sky News. The 'West Wing' star admits it has been painful to watch the 45-year-old become embroiled in a media frenzy over the past few weeks but says he is prepared to support him through his 'addiction'. Charlie is currently receiving rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse at his Los Angeles home after being hospitalised earlier this year. 70-year-old Martin said, "He's an extraordinary man and he's doing well. We pray for him. If he had cancer how would you treat him. This disease of addiction is a form of cancer. You have to have an equal measure of concern and love". The actor says he and his wife Janet Templeton are willing to help their son in his attempt to get clean, adding, "You realise we're not all on the same journey all the time. We have to love that much more. We have to be that much more present".

Many people are very critical of the disease model because they feel that somehow it is allowing the person to avoid responsibility for their situation.  It is not that at all, what the disease model does do is allow us to look at the problem rather than the person and it allow the individual with the problem to, rather than feel shame, feel like there is the possibility of getting help.

What do you think?

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