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Mar 23

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March 22, Evening

Hope is an interesting commodity and it is available in every part of the world.

We spent the day talking about what we need to change to get our lives going in a different direction. As always much of what we have to change has to do with how we are thinking about things, changing some of our attitudes, or sometimes most of our attitudes is generally fundamental to getting better.

After a lot of discussion most of the group was feeling hopeful that they could do that. One of the men in the group was talking about how the elders were always trying to get him to understand that it is important to look for what is good in his life instead of what he didn’t like. He said that he is starting to realize how important it is to develop that kind of thinking. He feels very hopeful that staying sober will allow him to get back on his path of being happy. He said the elders always have said that if you want to be happy you need to think about things that are happy. He also said that when he looks back he sees that all his drug and alcohol use ever did was make him angry.

Choosing to change how we are thinking about things is always fundamental to getting better.

If you don’t change something nothing changes

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