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Sep 30

More on the Brain

COCAINE REWIRES THE BRAIN AFTER JUST ONE USE Posted on September 24, 2013 by Daniel G. Amen, MD A new study from UC San Francisco’s Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center uncovers why humans might become addicted to cocaine after just one use. Scientists found that cocaine exposure triggered...

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Sep 23


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Sep 13

What you don't know....???

The Canadian Centre On Substance Abuse released a very interesting report on what Canadian youth think anout marijuana.  With all the hype about legalization/decriminalization this points out the incredible need to better educate our kids ... and everybody else.. check this out.

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Aug 20

Getting Rid of Stigma

There is still a lot of stigma attached attached to having a drug or alcohol dependency.  The more we can work to change this the more people will be willing to get help.  Check this out.      

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Jul 06

Update from Kirsten

Update Hello Drug Class, It’s been a while since we connected. I thought I’d share a little update with you about my life. When you last saw me I was just freshly sober, what an adventure it has been since then. I worked really hard at my recovery, attended support groups, connected with...

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Jul 04

Lo and Slow

Lo and slow Study Links Long Term Marijuana Use With Decreased Motivation Do you wake and bake? Are you tired of feeling lazy throughout the day? Do you dream of great ideas but never actually do them? Do you crave munchies, but are too lazy to get up and get anything, and are wondering why? A...

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Jun 07

Just the facts

It seems that there is sometimes more information than we can absorb and the “pro marijuana” movement seems to be pretty good at spinning things in their favour. The problem, as always, is how are teens interpreting the information and the answer is generally “the way that best suits...

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Jun 01


Addiction hurts.  it hurts those who have it and it hurts those who care about them.   Holding resentments and and anger hurt the holder more that the person those thoughts are directed toward. Here is a story I oftern use when I am talking about forgivenss.  I find it powerful because...

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May 24

Study Drugs

Looking For an Edge Our culture is one that uses drugs, it isn’t a big surprise when people start looking for and edge, we have seen it many times in athletics but it isn’t just there that it happens As high schoolers prepare for final exams, some teens might be tempted to use a "study...

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May 18

Love, don't judge

Some thoughts on Disease  There is generally a lot of discussion about addiction as a disease. Some critics of this position feel that it allows the person to not have to take responsibility for the problem. I don’t believe that is true at all. We all all responsible for our choices. What...

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