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Jun 01


Addiction hurts.  it hurts those who have it and it hurts those who care about them.   Holding resentments and and anger hurt the holder more that the person those thoughts are directed toward. Here is a story I oftern use when I am talking about forgivenss.  I find it powerful because...

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May 24

Study Drugs

Looking For an Edge Our culture is one that uses drugs, it isn’t a big surprise when people start looking for and edge, we have seen it many times in athletics but it isn’t just there that it happens As high schoolers prepare for final exams, some teens might be tempted to use a "study...

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May 18

Love, don't judge

Some thoughts on Disease  There is generally a lot of discussion about addiction as a disease. Some critics of this position feel that it allows the person to not have to take responsibility for the problem. I don’t believe that is true at all. We all all responsible for our choices. What...

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May 17

And some more on Mary Jane

Here is a little more info on marijuana. This drug continues to cause problems because people really underestimate its potential to do harm, particularly in teens Marijuana Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Marijuana is a commonly abused drug. It is often called pot, grass, weed, or 420. Marijuana cigarettes...

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Apr 23

What happens when we quit

What Happens when we quit using Drugs and Alcohol Post Acute Withdrawal is the adjustment your brain has in life without chemicals. It is the time period when your own neurotransmitters start acting again. During the years of addiction to drugs/alcohol there is artificial stimulation and disruption...

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Apr 20

Knowledge is Power

Here is some very useful information from Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

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Mar 15

Addiction?? Here is a check list

One of the myths about marijuana is that it isn't addictive.  Here is a check list. If any of the marijuana addiction symptoms we are about to discuss show up in yourself or in someone you care about who smokes pot, there’s a chance that addiction could be a factor and that additional, professional...

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Mar 02

Synthetic Marijuana Warning

One of the problems with teens using drugs and alcohol regularly is the getting "high" and "being high" becomes so normal for them that they stop caring about how they do that. "Head Shops" (stores that cater to people who are cannabis users are selling products that are "synthetic marijuana"  There...

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Feb 02

Clearing More Smoke

We currently do not have a “limit” for the amount of THC that would constitute impaired driving, we do for alcohol and we need to consider how to manage THC impairment. The bigger issue is that most people who use this drug don’t consider it a problem to drive while stoned and they...

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Dec 19

More on Alcohol

More on Alcohol I had 40 kids in one of my grade 11/12 “Drug Class” classes last week. We went through some info on alcohol and did an AUDIT (Alcohol Use Disorder Inventory Test) with them. 19 kids’ scores indicated relatively low risk (although there is adequate research to indicate...

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