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Nov 19


Five Airports in one day is always a bit challenging. The photo above is our walk up to the famous Buffalo Airways (Ice Pilots) plane to leave Yellowknife for Hay River. I had an interesting chat on the plane with a young fellow who works in Yellowknife. He made a couple of really interesting comments...

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Nov 19

The light came on

I wish I had taken the photo at the top of this article. It is a good time of year for the aurora but it has been cloudy and snowing so I’ll just imagine that is what is going on above the clouds. The Community here has been very welcoming and the kids and adults we have been talking to have...

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Nov 18


Alternatives We are just heading out on another trip to Hay River North West Territories to do some work during National Addictions Awareness Week. As always this is an opportunity to hopefully help people change how they think. If we think what we are doing is OK that it isn't a problem or a big...

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Nov 10

Lower the risk

Alcohol is not going to go away. Like anything else, the better we understand how to use this drug (and if we think about it as a drug we can take it more seriously). These guidelines can help us lower the risk.  If you are a parent pay special attention to Guideline 5. Canada's Low-Risk Alcohol...

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Oct 24

More on the Cell phone

I was just walking through the concourse of one of the schools I work in and there were three girls sitting sitting at a table. That wasn't unusual, what was unusual was that they weren't talking to each other. They were all totally immersed in their phones. A big part of being a teen is learning...

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Oct 17

Chickens and Eggs

One of the young women I was working with was having increasingly disabling symptoms of anxiety. These had always been there a bit but were getting worse, as was her alcohol consumption, which she felt was helping the anxiety. It can help the symptoms but was making the problem worse. After quite...

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Oct 13

Marijuana and Testicular Cancer

Marijuana and Testicular cancer. This report came out a few weeks ago and mirrors a couple of other studies that have given similar data Young men who had smoked marijuana recreationally were twice as likely to be diagnosed with testicular cancer than men who have never used marijuana, according to...

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Aug 28


Epidemic I hear more and more from teens that this is really becoming an issue. More and more kids are using pharmaceuticals to get high and using them with other drugs particularly alcohol. The following statistics are from USA but if we divide them by 10 (pull out your calculators) we will ...

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Aug 08

Marijuana and Anxiety

The problem, not the solution. I have been saying for years that marijuana use has the potential to cause anxiety. I have worked with lots of teens who claim they are using to deal with anxiety but the more they use the worse the anxiety gets and them the more they use. This article confirms that...

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Jul 12


First Things First - Gateways Where do things start? A recent study included data on more than 14,500 high-school students from 120 schools across U.S. The data was obtained from Monitoring the Future study. This study analyzed the data to find out what substances were being tried by students....

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