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Jun 24

Energy Drinks and Alcohol - a bad mix

Caffeine and Alcohol a bad mix Teens are very frequently mixing energy drinks like Red Bull with Alcohol and there are a number or premixed caffeine-alcohol drinks available. A researcher at the University of Victoria is calling out the dangers of consuming energy drinks and alcohol, a widespread...

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Jun 15

Open Letter to My teacher

As teachers we often get caught up dealing with behavior and forget to look at what is behind the behavior.   An Open Letter To My Teacher Dear Teacher,I think it's time I told you why I have been acting out at schooland crying sometimes. I think you know that something is wrong,because you keep...

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Jun 07

Into the light

I think one of the reasons the Drug Class program works in our schools is that it brings a problem into the open, talks about it, teaches about it and makes getting help OK.  I've told this story hundreds of times but here it is again. Part 1 One day a farmer's donkey fell down into a well. The...

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Jun 06

Forth Albany - Tuesday

Again another interesting day. Presentations to the grade 5 and then grade 6 classes then watched a Canada World Youth project. This involved video interviews and diary cam work with local teens and guess what... one of their primary concerns is substance use. I also had a really interesting session...

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Jun 05

Fort Albany

Interesting couple of days so far!!  Great community, lots of people with lots of determination to try and improve things.  Yesterday I talked to the Health workers and did a one on one session with a community memeber.  As everywhere else people often need someone to listen. Today I...

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Jun 04

Escape From Pain

In Gabore Mate's book "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts" he talks about substance abuse being an escape from pain.  Sometimes we are aware of what that pain is, sometimes not.  A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend a conference on the relationship between trauma and substance abuse. ...

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Jun 01

What are we thinking?

What are we thinking?? Here are a few things I have heard lately that make me ask the question "what are we thinking?". " I buy my kids alcohol so they don't have to try to get it from a stranger." "I buy my daughter's alcohol so I know how much she is drinking." " I'd rather my son would drink than...

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May 26

Take Care of This

Again there is more research indication marijuana has the potential to cause mental health problems. Schizophrenia Linked to Adolescents Who Smoke Marijuana Physical changes have been found in specific area of the brain associated with schizophrenia in adolescents who use cannabis. New research from...

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May 19


Lady Bugs A big part of my job and my day is listening to kids. The best part of my job is listening to them get better. I was chatting with this young man the other day and he was telling me about a lady bug. He was sitting outside watching this lady bug. She would crawl up this piece of grass,...

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May 09

Teen Marijuana Use Increases

We have talked about this issue several times on this site but here is another article which confirms that we need to pay a lot of attention to Marijuana use in the teen population.   Heavy' Marijuana Use by Teens Surges By Buddy T, GuideMay 2, 2012 The 23rd Partnership Attitude Tracking...

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