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May 26

Take Care of This

Again there is more research indication marijuana has the potential to cause mental health problems. Schizophrenia Linked to Adolescents Who Smoke Marijuana Physical changes have been found in specific area of the brain associated with schizophrenia in adolescents who use cannabis. New research from...

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May 19


Lady Bugs A big part of my job and my day is listening to kids. The best part of my job is listening to them get better. I was chatting with this young man the other day and he was telling me about a lady bug. He was sitting outside watching this lady bug. She would crawl up this piece of grass,...

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May 09

Teen Marijuana Use Increases

We have talked about this issue several times on this site but here is another article which confirms that we need to pay a lot of attention to Marijuana use in the teen population.   Heavy' Marijuana Use by Teens Surges By Buddy T, GuideMay 2, 2012 The 23rd Partnership Attitude Tracking...

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Apr 07

A look at Alcohol Use

Here is some great info and a test that was passed on to me by Aldo Baker. Alcohol Abuse is still a significant problem and the biggest problem is that we think what we are doing is OK. Check this out

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Mar 09

Double Trouble

Double Trouble Although marijuana advocates continue to bang the drum that this drug in not problematic we keep getting more and more research that there are significant issues that we need to pay attention to. The largest group that is using marijuana are adolescents so any negative impact on brain...

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Mar 02


I'm sitting in Vancouver Airport waiting for a plane and catching up on emails. One of my good friends, Don, sent me an interesting article on happpiness so I thought I'd share it.  Lately, when ever someone asks me "How are you?" instead of my usual "good"  or "fine I have been saying "happy"...

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Feb 20

Alcohol problems

Adolescent problem drinking continies to be a problem, although the article below is about USA stats we are dealing with essentially the same issue here. Regular heavy drinking is the norm with teenages and they still beleive that it isn't a problem. That thinking, that it isn't a problem is the problem. We...

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Feb 10

Smoking Dope and Driving

Smoking marijuana a couple of hours before you drive almost doubles your chances of having a serious car crash, according to Canadian researchers. The study, led by Associate Professor Mark Asbridge from Dalhousie University, is the first to review data about drivers who had been treated for serious...

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Jan 13

Pill Deaths

Ecstasy or “E” is often referred to by kids as “pills”. I think they do this because it sounds less harmful. This is a dangerous drug and it seems to be on a bit of a resurgence. There have been several deaths associated with this drug in the past few weeks. The people who...

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Dec 21

What We Think

What we think. We need to pay more attention to the thinking around marijuana use and particularly the use by teens. What we think determines how we feel and act. So we need to really pay attention to whether or not what we are thinking is true. If we really like something that makes it difficult...

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