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Binge Drinking

Jun 01

What are we thinking?

What are we thinking?? Here are a few things I have heard lately that make me ask the question "what are we thinking?". " I buy my kids alcohol so they don't have to try to get it from a stranger." "I buy my daughter's alcohol so I know how much she is drinking." " I'd rather my son would drink than...

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Nov 22

Most Girls Drink to Fit In

Alcohol is still the number 1 problem drug, because society has a high degree of acceptance for alcohol use we often don’t see it “as bad”. ‘Most girls drink to fit in’ By Ann Dowsett Johnston Sun Nov 20th. It’s tea time at Tim Horton’s,...

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Aug 30

More Parent Info

Parents need to protect their kids and rules are one of the best protections we can create in 2011.  Here is an interesting article from the Guardian   Tough love stops binge drinking, Demos claims Thinktank tracked 30,000 people across four decades and says parental discipline is big factor...

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Aug 24

Peer Pressure 2011

We are all aware of peer pressure, it has been around for a long time.  The current world of social networking sites has complicated the situation. The article below really clarifies why this can be a problem.  If teens are on one or more of these sites a lot they are constantly being bombarded...

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Apr 02

B.C. pioneers new alcoholism strategy

From British Columbia is the first province to formally recognize alcohol addiction as a chronic medical condition, a move aimed at improving treatment. As of Friday, the new policy emphasizes preventive measures and gives family doctors more time and resources to treat patients with alcohol...

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Apr 01

15 Shots Killed Shelby Allen

I don't usually read Good Housekeeping but I came across this article. If you think its safer to let your kids drink at home or buy them alcohol so you "know" how much they are drinking then it would be worth while for you to read this. from photo J.Muckle Studio D What's perhaps...

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Nov 25

Binge Drinking - Take the Test

Binge Drinking continues to be a big issue, especially with the 14 to 25 year old age group.  It has become the cultural norm. It is glorified in movies but we need to really take a look at it.   The photo (Courtesy of Amen Clinics) illustrates what alcohol abuse does to the brain.  This...

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