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Apr 17

Four Twenty

four-twenty what is it all about Here is the history 420, 4:20 or 4/20 (pronounced four-twenty) Refers to consumption of cannabis and, by extension, a way to identify oneself with cannabis subculture. The notable day for these is April 20.(Not to be confused with J-Day, an international protest held...

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Apr 09

More work to do

If you compare the number of hours we spend on prevention and education with the number of hours teens are exposed to messaging that encourages drug and alcohol use you know we have a lot of work to do. Like everything else to change anything we have to change attitudes. WASHINGTON - Substance abuse...

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Apr 07

Marijuana and Emotions

Interesting repost on some new Research.   Drugs like marijuana act on naturally occurring receptors in the brain called cannabinoid receptors. However, the mechanisms by which these drugs produce their sensory and mood altering effects within the brain are largely unknown. Research led by Steven...

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Apr 03


There was a big article in Globe and mail this weekend about Nunavut and the substance problems there.  I posted a response.  you have to scroll down a bit to...

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Apr 02

B.C. pioneers new alcoholism strategy

From British Columbia is the first province to formally recognize alcohol addiction as a chronic medical condition, a move aimed at improving treatment. As of Friday, the new policy emphasizes preventive measures and gives family doctors more time and resources to treat patients with alcohol...

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Apr 01

15 Shots Killed Shelby Allen

I don't usually read Good Housekeeping but I came across this article. If you think its safer to let your kids drink at home or buy them alcohol so you "know" how much they are drinking then it would be worth while for you to read this. from photo J.Muckle Studio D What's perhaps...

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Mar 29

ER Visits From Ecstasy Jump 75 Percent

Ecstacy still a problem.   Even though we have worked hard to educate people about the dangers of this drug there is still lots around.  Here is some recent info  from Healthday about some of the dangers A Recent Study Finds Hospitals treat drug's young users for agitation, heat stroke,...

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Mar 28

Three planes, five airports.

I'm back!  Three different planes and five airports later I'm back home.  One of the really interesting things about the Northern Airlines (Both First Air and Canadian North was the service on the planes! Choice of meals, hot towels, newpapers. Thank you!) I was explaining to someone about...

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Mar 24

March 24 Kuglukuk

We finished up with the group today and I beleive that everyone got something out of it. There is always a range of differences with a group like this.  Much of the progress is dependent on the ability to recognize the problem and, as well, the ability to ge past the fear of changing.  It is...

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Mar 24

Kugluktuk High School

I would have like way more time here.  I had a one hour session with the grade 7's and another hour with the combined 10, 11 and 12 group.  These kids were pretty much the same as every other group of kids I have worked with.  As soon as they figure out that you aren't there to lecture...

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