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Nov 03

Get some sleep

We have talked about this in class.  One of the things that causes problems is not getting enough sleep because of talking or texting.  We all need uninterrupted sleep.  Check out this article from the Vancouver Sun Kids who surf the Internet or text message when they should be tucking...

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Nov 01


Many people feel they drink because they are depressed, often this is true, however, the drinking always makes the depression worse, a bit like banging your head when you have a headache. Here is an interesting article from TVNZ New Zeland Christchurch researchers say they have found a genetic link...

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Oct 29

Passing the Test

I was talking to a young woman the other day, she's been sober about 4months. She said she was feeling a bit of stress and didn't know how to handle some of the stuff that was coming up in her life. I explained that all the years she had been using and drinking was like missing class in school, and...

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Oct 26

Some of our feed back from the past couple of seasons.

We get a lot of feed back from our viewers. If you have comments or critiques, please let us know. Here are a few...... I LOVE THE SERIES !!!  I congratulate you on your approach and wish I could clone the host. Seeing the struggles, challenges, pain and some of the successes? of these kids...

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