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Nov 22

Hay River 2013 NAAW

Hay River National Addiction Awareness Week 2013 We have spent the last two days in Hay River. Thanks to the Hay River Community Justice Committee for bringing us up to their community. There is a lot of dedication there to try and improve people's’ understanding of drug and alcohol problems. It...

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Nov 22

Sadie's Journal

November 22 2013 – Sadie’s Journal It’s been an amazing journey for me while visiting Yellowknife and Hay River. This is my first experience in the North West Territories and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The first night Georgia and I were expecting to share...

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Nov 21

More From Yellowknife

Hi!! Sorry Lost contact for last night and this morning our internet was down. Day Three in Yellowknife was again very interesting and very busy. We started the morning at Tree of Peace Centre with a workshop with various service providers from around the community. As always the focus was on building...

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Nov 18

National Addictions Awareness Week

It is National Addiction Awareness Week. This is an opportunity to better understand substance abuse and addiction. Thanks to The Tree of Peace Centre for bring us to Yellowknife, NWT to try and help people better understand the nature of the problem that so many people deal with. As with many things...

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Oct 28

RX Drug Abuse

I have written about this before and it is still a problem in our area as much as it is in Ontario or anywhere else. Teen's opioid addiction 'descent into hell' for Ottawa mom 'I am so terrified for his future' mother says of 18-year-old son CBC News Posted: Oct 28, 2013  An Ottawa mother said...

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Oct 01

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Drug 'Molly' is taking a party toll in the United States  Ecstasy pills, which are supposed to contain MDMA as their main chemical, are pictured in this undated handout photo courtesy of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). REUTERS-U.S. DEA-Handout via Reuters By Victoria Cavaliere...

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Sep 30

More on the Brain

COCAINE REWIRES THE BRAIN AFTER JUST ONE USE Posted on September 24, 2013 by Daniel G. Amen, MD A new study from UC San Francisco’s Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center uncovers why humans might become addicted to cocaine after just one use. Scientists found that cocaine exposure triggered...

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Aug 20

Getting Rid of Stigma

There is still a lot of stigma attached attached to having a drug or alcohol dependency.  The more we can work to change this the more people will be willing to get help.  Check this out.      

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Jun 07

Just the facts

It seems that there is sometimes more information than we can absorb and the “pro marijuana” movement seems to be pretty good at spinning things in their favour. The problem, as always, is how are teens interpreting the information and the answer is generally “the way that best suits...

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May 24

Study Drugs

Looking For an Edge Our culture is one that uses drugs, it isn’t a big surprise when people start looking for and edge, we have seen it many times in athletics but it isn’t just there that it happens As high schoolers prepare for final exams, some teens might be tempted to use a "study...

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