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May 07

Marijuana Addiction

Here is an interesting article on marijuana addiction and something that might make quitting a bit easier. What is somewhat ironic is that the substance that can help has been bred out of the plant in an attempt to get stronger and stronger THC levels

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Apr 19


Therapy As soon as we think we know something we start believing it, we think we know it. That approach tends to close our minds and that starts to change our behavior. Getting better is about picking apart our thinking and fixing what needs fixing. Please take the time to read this excerpt from...

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Apr 17

Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings…. Three things One: I get quite a few of these but I thought I would share this from one of the kids I worked with awhile ago. “5 years ago today I said I hated sober saturdays because they were boring.. Well today I have to say, I love being sober and not feeling...

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Apr 08

Drug Testing

Below is a guest blooger article from Lena Butler, although Lena is addressing the workplace home testing is also a good idea for many of the same reasons. 3 Kinds of Drug Testing Done in the Workplace Although workplace drug testing is relatively uncommon in Canada, it has been commonplace in the...

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Mar 31

Spring Break

Thinking about life without partying seems to be very scary for a lot of people. There is a lot of social pressure to use drugs and alcohol. I was doing a presentation last Friday at one of my schools and was talking about the volume of the voice we hear. The kids who smoke marijuana and or drink...

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Mar 20

Epidemics - Ebola vs Alcohol

Alcohol Deaths It is interesting there is so much public discussion on Ebola Deaths. Here are the stats on World Alcohol Deaths 2.5 Million Alcohol-Related Deaths Worldwide- Annually Based on the analyses of 100 individual country profiles, The World Health Organization (WHO) has released The Global...

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Mar 08

Legalization ?? School Problems?

I talked with three teens this week, all 14 who had been brought to me by their parents. All the kids had changed quite a bit in the last year. Part of the teen’s rationale for using was that “well, its going to be legal soon”. Teens are developing critical thinking skills, when they...

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Jan 28


I just spent two days in Ottawa at the National Summit on Recovery hosted by the CCSA. I know many of you won’t get wildly excited about this but it was actually historic.Those of you who have dealt with addiction or know someone who has read on. This was the first time that Canada has addressed...

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Jan 26

Snake Oil 2015

Snake Oil: If you have ever watched old westerns you have seen the Snake Oil Salesman, selling something that seems to be the cure for everything. The discusion about marijuana is moving into that category. One of the things that seems to be confusing a lot of people, particularly teens, are the discussionas...

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Jan 11

"Safe" Use ??

I have included a link to a very interesting article. It includes the reference of being OK with a certain amount of lead paint in our children's cribs. I have said many times that we need to check our thinking "Is what you are thinking true?" Marijuana (more explicitly THC) is a drug, plain and simple,...

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