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Sep 16

Marijuana and Health

One of the issues we have been hearing a lot about are all the supposed medical advantages of marijuana. The pro marijuana movement is very organized and very intent on medicalizing as much info about marijuana as possible. That group realized a long time ago that much of society wasn’t really...

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Aug 04

Harsh Reality

 Harsh Reality One of the issues which helps to hide the reality of addiction and substance abuse is the sad fact that we don’t really know how many people are dying from drug and alcohol related problems. Because of the negative stigma associated with addictive disorders families are ashamed...

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Jul 06

Marijuana Impaired Driving

There is still a lot of misconception about driving while under the influence of marijuana, this article has some interesting new information.

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Jun 04
May 12

More on Synthetic Marijuana

I have written about this before and these products have shown up in Toronto and Manitoba, we have had occasional report here, but it will likely increase.  The interesting thing is that instead of really being concerned about the increasing attempts to find intoxicants many people will use this...

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May 07

Marijuana Addiction

Here is an interesting article on marijuana addiction and something that might make quitting a bit easier. What is somewhat ironic is that the substance that can help has been bred out of the plant in an attempt to get stronger and stronger THC levels

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Apr 19


Therapy As soon as we think we know something we start believing it, we think we know it. That approach tends to close our minds and that starts to change our behavior. Getting better is about picking apart our thinking and fixing what needs fixing. Please take the time to read this excerpt from...

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Apr 17

Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings…. Three things One: I get quite a few of these but I thought I would share this from one of the kids I worked with awhile ago. “5 years ago today I said I hated sober saturdays because they were boring.. Well today I have to say, I love being sober and not feeling...

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Apr 08

Drug Testing

Below is a guest blooger article from Lena Butler, although Lena is addressing the workplace home testing is also a good idea for many of the same reasons. 3 Kinds of Drug Testing Done in the Workplace Although workplace drug testing is relatively uncommon in Canada, it has been commonplace in the...

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Mar 31

Spring Break

Thinking about life without partying seems to be very scary for a lot of people. There is a lot of social pressure to use drugs and alcohol. I was doing a presentation last Friday at one of my schools and was talking about the volume of the voice we hear. The kids who smoke marijuana and or drink...

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