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Dec 19

More on Impaired Driving

In spite of all the facts indicating that, at every level, impaired driving is a bad idea it is still a huge problem. Part of the problem is that when you are impaired you can't think properly, but you believe that you can.  The image above shows an alcohol affected brain, a THC affected brain is...

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Dec 18


Salvia is a Hallucinogenic drug that can be purchased by anyone (no age limit) in Canada.  It is sold in "Head Shops" and or "Hemp" stores.   There has been a lot of press on it lately,  Miley Cyrus had a video out last week showing her smoking it for "fun" and this week a Saskatoon...

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Dec 17

What's Normal

Getting caught up in what ever  everybody else is doing often allows us to change our opinion of what is normal. Just looking at what is going on around us and comparing ourselves to that often gets us in trouble. We need to be able to back up an look at the bigger scene. Habits can lead to habits...

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Dec 14

Clearing the Smoke

The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse does some excellent research and reporting on substance use issues. There is always a lot of talk from marijuana advocates about the benefits of smoking this drug.  Most medical professionals will tell you that smoking anything is not particularly a good idea. Check...

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Dec 13

Another Girls's Story

For people who don't work with "at risk" kids it is valuable to understand a couple of things, first what many of them go through, and second, and most important they have tremendous capacity to get better.  Here is another personal story.   I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. My brother...

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Dec 11


I was talking to a kid yesterday, asked the usual questions about how things were going etc,  he said "way better than before", I asked about alcohol and he said he doesn't drink anymore because he got his licence and a car.  "Good choice", I said.   I have a small office at this particular...

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Dec 09

The Newest Problem

The New Version of Heroin There is a significant increase in the illegal use on oxycontin by teenagers.  I have talked to six kids this week who have started to try this drug and have been dealing with several who have become addicted to it and are having a huge problem getting off it. Generally...

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Dec 08

More On Codependency

Yesterday I gave you the opportunity to take a test on codependency,  here is some more info on that issue to help you better understand what its all about. What is it Codependency is a learned behavior that can be passed down from one generation to another. It is an emotional and behavioral condition...

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Dec 07

Codependency - take the test

One of this week's shows takes a look at codependency,  it's a complicated problem that effects a lot of people.  Here is a bit of an explanation and a test. Codependency as a disease, is often times over looked as a disease of addiction or compulsive behavior. It is sometimes difficult to...

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Dec 02


  PROMISES When I was younger, I made promises to myself. I promised myself that I would always put school first and would always be a straight A student, I would never hurt anyone, especially my family, and I would never drink or do drugs. By the time I was thirteen, I was doing horrible in school,...

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