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Dec 14


Awareness Twice this week I have had kids start crying in class. I’d been talking about how substance abuse affects those who love us. I showed a clip out of “Basketball Diaries” where the mom is sitting on the floor calling the police, she has the phone in one hand and money for...

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Nov 21

Practice Practice

Prevention We are heading back home today. Just like last time I’m leaving here feeling admiration for the people in Hay River who are working so hard to make things better for their community in general, but mostly for the kids. Thank you to Bobbie, Jill and Victor for setting everything up...

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Jun 06

Forth Albany - Tuesday

Again another interesting day. Presentations to the grade 5 and then grade 6 classes then watched a Canada World Youth project. This involved video interviews and diary cam work with local teens and guess what... one of their primary concerns is substance use. I also had a really interesting session...

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Nov 16

Healing Place "Nats Ejee K'eh"

Hay River Day 2 This community is beautiful, inside and outside. I always feel incredibly fortunate to be able to meet the dedicated and caring people who are working to try and help people pull away from or avoid the ravages of substance abuse and addiction. The photo I posted with this is the entrance...

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Nov 15


I’m not sure if you have seen the Reality Series “The Ice Pilots” but that is who flew us into Hay River NWT last night. Life is an adventure. Hayley and I have several talks scheduled for today, the Princess Alexandra Middle school, the Chief Sunrise School on the Katlodeeche Reserve,...

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Nov 15

Some Thoughts from Hayley

When Rand asked me to join him in Hay River, Northwest Territories, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It is only the end of day one, and I am already very grateful to be a part of this experience. Throughout the day, we have been surrounded with amazing (and unforgettable) people in wonderful places,...

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Nov 12

Helping Helps

Helping Helps. Self-centeredness is a big problem that feeds addiction and addictive behavior, here is an interesting study that illustrates the value of getting invloved in helping others.   Adolescent Addiction - New Finding by Sheela Philomena on November 11, 2011 at 2:31 PM Alcohol &...

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Nov 09

Stuff to Learn

I have been in Vancouver all Week at the “Issues of Substance” Conference put on by CCSA the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse. It has been extremely interesting and very valuable. The primary theme has been to look at what the research is showing about adolescent drug and alcohol abuse...

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Oct 23

Feed the Good Wolf

We all have power. In the movie "The Missing" Tommy Lee Jones plays a Medicine Man. He has lost a lot of his power because he has been feeding the wrong part of his character. Many of us do the same thing, and we get weaker. A grandfather was talking to his grandson about how he felt. He said, "I...

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Apr 22

Denial - Are you in it?

It is always hard to figure out if you are OK, especially from the inside.  check the new video on our site or take this test.

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