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Aug 02

Anxiety and Substance Use

I have been saying for a long time that frequent substance use seems to increase a person's anxiety.  This as particularly an issue for adolescents as there are in a critical period of learning how to deal with stress.  Substance use can short circuit that very important learning process.  Here...

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Jul 25

Amy Winhouse

Here is Russel Brand's Heartfelt thoughts about Amy Winehouse.

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Jul 09

Can't Remember??

Drinking till you can't remember stuff is a problem, here is the biology behind it.   The biology behind alcohol-induced blackouts July 6, 2011 By Jim Dryden A person who drinks too much alcohol may be able to perform complicated tasks, such as dancing, carrying on a conversation or even driving...

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Jun 21

Women and Alcohol

Women and Alcohol WHEN Shelly F. Greenfield joined the Harvard Medical School faculty in 1992, scientists were just beginning to document the fact that men and women become addicted to alcohol, and recover from that illness, differently—to recognize that “there may be gender-specific variables...

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Jun 17

Just the facts

Facts About Teens and Drug Use Alcohol kills 6.5 times more youth than all other illicit drugs combined. Traffic crashes are the greatest single cause of death for all persons age 6–33. About 45% of these fatalities are alcohol-related crashes. More than 60% of teens said that drugs were sold,...

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Apr 03


There was a big article in Globe and mail this weekend about Nunavut and the substance problems there.  I posted a response.  you have to scroll down a bit to...

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Apr 02

B.C. pioneers new alcoholism strategy

From British Columbia is the first province to formally recognize alcohol addiction as a chronic medical condition, a move aimed at improving treatment. As of Friday, the new policy emphasizes preventive measures and gives family doctors more time and resources to treat patients with alcohol...

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Apr 01

15 Shots Killed Shelby Allen

I don't usually read Good Housekeeping but I came across this article. If you think its safer to let your kids drink at home or buy them alcohol so you "know" how much they are drinking then it would be worth while for you to read this. from photo J.Muckle Studio D What's perhaps...

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Mar 24

March 24 Kuglukuk

We finished up with the group today and I beleive that everyone got something out of it. There is always a range of differences with a group like this.  Much of the progress is dependent on the ability to recognize the problem and, as well, the ability to ge past the fear of changing.  It is...

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Feb 19

Are you helping your teen?

Have you? Bought Alcohol for your teen? Said "I buy alcohol for them so I know how much they are drinking?" Let them drink at home with their friends? Said "I'd rather they drink than do drugs?" It might be worthwhile to ask yourself "what am I really teaching them"   Check out this article....

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