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May 03

Teen Mental Health

Here is a good article about drug use and mental health.

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Apr 22

Denial - Are you in it?

It is always hard to figure out if you are OK, especially from the inside.  check the new video on our site or take this test.

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Apr 03


There was a big article in Globe and mail this weekend about Nunavut and the substance problems there.  I posted a response.  you have to scroll down a bit to...

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Apr 02

B.C. pioneers new alcoholism strategy

From British Columbia is the first province to formally recognize alcohol addiction as a chronic medical condition, a move aimed at improving treatment. As of Friday, the new policy emphasizes preventive measures and gives family doctors more time and resources to treat patients with alcohol...

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Mar 29

ER Visits From Ecstasy Jump 75 Percent

Ecstacy still a problem.   Even though we have worked hard to educate people about the dangers of this drug there is still lots around.  Here is some recent info  from Healthday about some of the dangers A Recent Study Finds Hospitals treat drug's young users for agitation, heat stroke,...

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Mar 17

More On Rx Drugs

Right across the country the problem of teens abusing presciption medications continues to increase.  I have talked to several teens this week who have "tried" oxy or morphine in the last week. They know it is dangerous but like most things they just wanted to see what it was like.  This isn't...

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Mar 05

Thoughts on Charlie

We all seem to get enthralled with the troubles of movie stars and rock and roll idols, particularly when it comes to substance problems. It might be that we like to see the rich and famous crash but more often I beleive it is because we realize that they are just like us, not perfect. His dad, like...

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Mar 01

Getting Worse

I was talking to some kids the other day about prescription drug use and I was explaining about the addictive nature of Oxycontin and that chemically it is very similar to heroin (heroin C21H23NO5 - oxy C18H21NO4). The response from one girl was "no it isn't". She believed it was OK. What we think...

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Feb 13

Looking for Love

The more research that gets done on addiction and substance abuse the better we can understand both what is going on and how to treat it. Dr. Helen Fisher is a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University and she has studied love in over thirty cultures across the world. She believes that love isn't...

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Jan 09

Mental Health

There is very often (probably more than often) a connection between mental health and addiction or substance abuse.  I have talked about this often in our classes on Brain Chemistry.  Regular drug or alcohol use and especially abuse really interferes with how the brain is working and that interferes...

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